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Scientific Research and Technology Development

21/10/2018 - 09:01


        Research activities and technology development of FIRI are undertaken by 5 research centers and 6 departments and 1 subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh city in three fields of biotechnology, food processing & food analysis and assessment.

In the field of Biotechnology

        Biotechnology is conducted by the following units: the Center for Industrial Microbiology, the Center for Industrial Biochemistry & Environment, the Center for Industrial Biochemistry & Environment, the Enzyme & Protein Technology Department, the Fermentation Technology Department, the Beverage Technology Department, the Food Technology and Nutrition Department, the Microbial Biotechnology Department, the Starch and Sugar Technology Department &  the Branch of Food Industries Research Institute in Ho Chi Minh city. The research focuses on the following areas:

  • Application of microorganisms in fermentation technology of food and beverage processing;
  • Application of microorganisms in production of enzymes, bioactive compounds and other chemicals;
  • Production of microbial biomass for starter cultures & probiotic preparations;
  • Genetic Improvement of microbial strains by recombinant DNA techniques;
  • Application of enzymes in food processing;
  • Application of enzymes in production of converted starch, glucose & functional sugar; Extraction and conversion of natural products;
  • Waste water treatment technology for food industry;


Working in the lab


In the field of food processing

       Research on food processing is carried out by the following units: the Center for Oil, Flavor & Food Additives, the  Center for Experimental Production & Food Transfer Technology, The Food & Nutrition Technology Department, the Starch & Sugar Technology Department, and the Branch of Food Industries Research Institute in Ho Chi Minh city. The fields of food processing are as follows:

  • Processing technologies of agricultural, forest & aquaculture products;
  • Production of funtional foods from domestic materials;
  • Extraction and exploitation of oils, flavours, & natural compounds;


Production of Perilla Tea in the pilot plant


Food analysis and assessment

        Research on  analysis and assessment of food products is undertaken by the National Center for Food Analysis & Assessment (NACEFA) and the Center for Industrial Microbiology. The research includes:

  • Application of new analytical methods in dertermining nutritional components, bioactive products, toxins, residues and banned subtances in food and materials;
  • Application of molecular technologies in determining pathogens & evaluating microbial DNA, animal & plant materials and genetically modified organisms;


Carrying analysis in the lab


Main Scientific Research Achievements

In the field of Biotechnology

  • More than 1300 microbial strains used in food industry have been maintained and preserved by sand, freeze-drying, deep freezing & liquid nitrogen. Every year, more than 100 strains with high-value characteristics are collected and added to the FIRI Collection of Industrial Microorganisms. All strains in the collection are identified by morphological & physiological characteristics and DNA sequencing.
  • Creating recombinant Pichia pastoris  with high-value characteristics, including producing heat & pepsin tolerant phytase and xylanase which can be active in low pH conditions in order to apply in animal husbandry;
  • Producing enzyme preparations in pilot scale of amylase, glucoamylase, protease, glucooxidase, tannanase, nattokinase, phytase, xylanase as well as preparations of citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, biomass of selenium & chromium-rich yeasts, biomass of Bacillus, Lactobacillus…, and other preparations of nisin, bacteriocin, zymocin, beta-carotene, manocolin K, lovastatin, natural colorants, anti-insect proteins…
  • Fruit juice production technology using enzyme methods;
  • Production technologies of glucose, fructose, maltooligosaccharide, converted starch from cassava starch that have been applied in many food- processing factories; production procedures of xylooligosaccharides and xylose from corn cob, and cyclodextrin & sorbitol from starch;
  • Processing technologies of fermented coffee & cocoa by wet method that have been transferred to some provinces in Central Highlands, Son La & Quang Tri provinces;
  • Momordica Cochinchinensis oil extraction technology using enzymes;
  • Production of aromatic decalactone from Palma Christi, xilytol from xylose, erythritol from glucose;
  • Production technologies of wine from fruit, whiskey from malt, corn, rice that were applied in many beverage companies. Wine production technology of FIRI and yeast strains from the FIRI Collection of Industrial Microorganisms were applied in the production of Thang Long Classic Red Wine of Thang Long Joint Stock Company.
  • Technological Improvement of Vietnamese traditional products such as rice wine, soy sauce, fermented tofu, fermented meat, salted vegetables… using pure cultures of microorganisms;
  • Production technology of short-term fish sauce using enzymes and microorganisms was applied successfully in Nghe An Aquaculture Joint Stock Company;
  • Production technologies of yoghurt, milk cream, cheese;
  • Processing technology of aquaculture by-products has been applied in food & feed industries;
  • Ethanol production technology from molasses and baggage in pilot scale;
  • Microbial strains and starters from the FIRI Collection of Industrial Microorganisms have been applied in many factories that produce wine, soy sauce, fermented meat, yoghurt. The institute also supplies probiotics for human and animals.
  • Waste water treatment technology using both aerobic and anaerobic processes (UASB) was applied successfully in Hanoi Milk Joint Stock Company, Thang Long Joint Stock Company...


Distillation of traditional rice wine in the pilot plant X3 of FIRI


In the field of food processing

  • Product line development of nutrient-rich, functional & diet foods from Vietnamese materials such as freeze dried royal jelly, cereal products for diabetes, isoflavone-rich & GABA functional food, anti-constipation products, Curcuma Zedoaria extract, fermented black garlic, nata de coco, vegetarian sausage, corn milk…
  • Development and transfer of sugar, syrup, glucose crystals, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, converted starch, maltodextrin production technologies to domestic businesses;
  • Research and production of instant functional beverages from Vietnamese materials, including Catenlla extract, perilla tea, celery extract, lotus leaf extract, lotus leaf tea, green coffee, instant Moringa Oleifera, artichoke powder, Ganoderma powder;
  • Preparations of polyphenol, chlorogenic acid, angiohibin peptide from green bean protein; preparations of stevioside, rebaudioside A from Stevia rebaudiana; preparations of glucoside from Siraitia grosvenorii for using as materials for medicine and functional food production;
  • Technological improvement of canola oil, Momordica Cochinchinensis oil, pumpkin seed oil, peanut butter production; Basa fish oil processing and omega 3, omega 6, vitamin E, phytosterol production from deodorized soybean sludge;
  • Production technologies of ginger (Zingiber officinale) oleoresin; gallic, chilli, pepper oleoreins, citrus & coffee flavours, and flavours for tobacco industry  as well as other powder flavors using cyclodextrin;
  • Development and transfer of fresh orange, mango, litchi and bamboo shoot preservation technologies to many food companies;


Carrying experiments


In the field of food analysis and assessment

  • The National Center for Food Analysis & Assessment and the Center for Industrial Microbiology analyze, assess and control the quality, safety and sanitation of raw materials and food products. Two assessment centers are  accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, including VILAS 259 and VILAS 822.
  • Building and conducting analytical methods for 200 chemical indexes, 10 biological indexes, of them 87 chemical indexes and 7 biological indexes are accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2007 standard.


Application of Gas Chromatography in analysis


Consultancy  Services and Technology Transfer

         Food Industries Research Institute provides consultancy services and transfer of technology in food processing, oil, flavor and food additives, beverage, biotechnology and microbiology, i.e.


In the field of food processing

  • Nutrient cereal production technology for diabetics;
  • Production technologies of corn milk, protein-rich condensed yoghurt;
  • Processing technologies of vegetable & fruit powder;
  • Production technologies of vegetarian sausages, chili sauce, nata de coco, salted cucumbers and egg plants… in industrial scale;
  • Preservation & processing technologies of fresh avocado, salted apricots, bamboo shoot…
  • Production technologies of white pepper, black fermented garlic;


The product Glubetica for diabetics of FIRI


In the field of oil, flavor and food additives

  • Production technologies of ginger (Zingiber officinale) oleoresin, garlic oleoresin;
  • Production technology of flavors for tobacco industry;
  • Production technology of flavor powder;
  • Processing technologies of canola oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, Momordica Cochinchinensis oil, pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil;


The product curcumin powder on FIRI


In the field of beverage

  • Production technologies of wine, vodka, whiskey, sake, shochu, Vietnamese traditional rice wine;
  • Production technologies of fermented and brewed beverages;
  • Production technologies of instant teas such as instant centella, lotus leaf, artichoke, celery, Moringa oleifera, Ganoderma lucidum & herbs teas; as well as instant flavor powder without artificial colours and flavors;
  • Producing technologies of flavonoid from lotus & Lonicera Japonica leaves; glycoside from Siraitia grosveronii, polyphenol- rich extract from rice bran & green tea ;
  • Production and preservation of bottled fruit juice;


Production of bottled Perilla Tea


In the field of Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Production technologies of glucose, maltooligosaccharide, converted starch from cassava starch;
  • Technological improvement of traditional fermented products, including fish sauce, fermented shrimp, meat & tofu; salted vegetables and fruits, condensed soy sauce, miso, rice & fruit vinegar …in order to accelerate production scale, as well as to improve quality control and food safety of these products;
  • Production technologies of calcium lactate, yeast extract;
  • Production technology of starters for yoghurt, cheese, soy sauce and rice wine processing;


Production of Selen-rich yeast


FIRI Commercial Products

Up to now, 28 commercial products have been introduced into the market as below:

  • Instant herbal beverages: FOS Centella, Centella Extract, Celery Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, lotus leaf tea;
  • Funtional Oils: Garlic Oil, Momordica cochinchinensis Oil, ginger (Zingiber officinale) oleoresin;
  • Flavors: Herb & coffee flavors for tobacco industry; orange, lemon flavors;
  • Functional foods: Nutrient cereal Glubetica for diabetics, people on diet & old people; Isoflavone Plus; anti-constipation foods IZ, curcumin powder, Curcuma zedoaria powder, funtional food AGABA,  black fermented garlic;
  • Materials for functional foods and medicines: Stevioside 80% from Stevia rebaudiana, selen-rich yeasts, calcium lactate, converted starch, Isomaltooligosaccharide, FOS, yeast extract;
  • Foods and Beverages: grape wine, rice wine, whiskey, rice vinegar, Docynia indica, chili sauce;
  • Microbial strains:

            +Microbial strains and preparations for production of wine, beer, yoghurt, fermented shrimp , condensed soy sauce;

             + FIRI-probiotic preparations, standard strains for analysis;

  • Detergents: Bio-TAF – biological detergents without chlorine;


Some of FIRI products

                               Lotus leaf tea                                      Lotus leaf extract


Momordica cochinchinensis oil


                                 Rice wine                                            Rice vinegar



Food Analysis and Assessment Services

  • Analysis and assessment of nutritional components, hygiene and safety of food & feed products accredited to the standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2017;
  • Assessment and certification of food quality;
  • Quality analysis, inspection & assessment of materials & semi-finished products, food safety; production line, equipment & accessories of food processing; evaluation and certification of conformity assessment of standards and regulations;
  • Identification of genetically modified microorganisms, plant & animal materials and food by DNA sequencing;


Survey, Evaluation, Investment, Consultancy & Management

        The Food Industries Research Institute frequently conducts surveys, evaluation & forecast in the field of food technology and biotechnology in order to support enterprises to develop new products and support authorities in policy-making process.


Assoc. Prof Le Duc Manh, Director of FIRI and his assistants conducted a survey on fish sauce supplier for DNA Food

                                                                                                         (Photographs by Ngoc Son, Le Van Trong...)




                                                                                                      By Khuat Thi Thuy



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