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25/08/2016 - 03:51

        The establishment of the Scientific & Training Committee of the Food Industries Research Institute was based on Decision No. 185/QĐ-VTP issued on August, 30th 2012 & Decision 231/QĐ-VTP issued on August, 16th 2016 by the Director of the Food Industries Research Institute.


I. The Scientific & Training Committee of the Institute during the  term 2012- 2017 includes the following members:

1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Duc Manh, Director General of the Institute - the Chairman of the Committee

2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bui Quang Thuat, Deputy Director General of the Institute- the Vice Chairman of the Committee

3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Nguyen Thanh, Director of the Industrial Microbiology Center- Member of the Committee

4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyễn La Anh, Head of the Micro-Biotechnology Department - Secretary of the Committee

5. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Việt Anh, Head of the Fermentation Technology Department - Member of the Committee

6. Dr. Dang Hong Anh, Head of the Beverage Tecnology Department- Member of the Committee

7. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ly Ngoc Tram, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Food Analysis & Assessment- Member of the Committee

8. Dr. Truong Huong Lan, Head of the Food Technology & Nutrition Department- Member of the Committee

9. Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Khanh, Researcher in Center for Industrial Biochemistry & Environment

The Standing Committee includes the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Committee.


II. Function

        The Scientific and Training Committee functions to provide consultancy for the Director of the Institute in considering and making decision in the fields of science, technology and training of the Institute.


III. Tasks

1. The Committee focuses its tasks on discussing and suggesting the following issues:

- Drafts, strategies, procedure, and plans for science, technology and annual & long-term training development of the Institute;

- State policies on sciene & technology related to the Institute’s directions & orientations for research work;

- Proposals of subjects, projects, and all sientific & technological programs;

- Regulations of organizing and managing all training programs for doctoral theses in the Food Industries Research Institute.

- PHD training courses and programs in the FIRI.

Besides, it also does the following:

2. Solving the snap issues on science, technology and training at the request of  the Director General of the FIRI.

3. Providing consultancy to the Director General of the FIRI on scientific  & technological contents for initiative approval.

4. Evaluating & accepting studies and appraising research studies, including programs, scientific resarches & projects and production plans ordered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Government.

5. Submitting scientific studies and achievements to the superiors for recognition.

6. Giving supplemental issues to be discussed by the Scientific and Training Committee.


IV. Working methods

1. The Scientific & Training Committee is operated on the basis of democratic centralism. All isues are approved by voting. The resolutions of the Committee are only valid when two third  of the committee members join the meeting.

2. The committee members should  read documents prepared by the Standing  Committee 3-5 days before the meeting. In case of irregular meetings, the meeting documents should be sent to the committee members at least 2 days before the meeting.

3. Each meeting should have reports approved by the committee members with the signatures of the Committee Chairman and the Secretary or authorized people.

4. The Committee has meeting every three months to solve scientific, technological and training issues and other irregular meetings at the request of the Director.



                                                                                                                                  By Khuat Thi Thuy

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