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02/12/2016 - 02:42

      With 11 research departments and centres and 3 other administrative sections and 1 FIRI's Branch in Ho Chi Minh city, the Foods Industries Research Institute is entrusted with such tasks as scientific research, experimental production, transfer of technology & scientific services in the 3 major areas of biotechnology, food processing, control & assessment of the quality of raw materials & food products.

In the Field of Biotechnology

      Seven such units of the FIRI as the Micro-Biotechnolgy Department, the Enzyme & Protein Technology Department, the Fermentation Technology Department, the Beverage Technology Department, the Industrial Microbiology Centre, the Industrial Biochemistry and Environment Centre, & the FIRI’s Branch in Ho Chi Minh city make research on biotechnology focusing on the following tasks:

  • Maintain, preserve & develop industrial microorganism resources, create new species by using gene techniques, provide strains and information for research, training and production.
  • Supply strains and provide technical assistance for research, training, production of food, food supplement dietary, pharmaceutical industry as well as other industries.






                            Purebred strains

          Spray drying for functional food

  • Supply high-value bio-products such as those of probiotic, nisin, natokinase, amino acid & rich selen yeast powder for functional food processing & pharmaceutical enterprises.
  • Conduct research & develop technology and equipment for production, application, trade and transfer of technology in enzyme and protein-rich products, fermentation, traditional fermentation products, and beverage products.


  • Transfer technology and equipment for small and medium-size enterprises to produce beer, ethanol, molasses wine, grape wine, whole apricot wine, champagne, vodka …
  • Appraise investment projects and those of designing, manufacturing and installing production lines to make beer, wine, refreshments and other malt sugar products.
  • Transfer technology and equipment to enable many small and medium-size enterprises to manufacture traditional fermentation products such as rice wine, black glutinous rice wine, soy sauce, miso, sour shrimps, fermented meat, eggplants & bamboo shoots and fish sauce… on an industrial & semi-industrial scale.

  Transfer technology for traditional rice wine




Implementing waste water treatment



  • Conduct research & develop technology and equipment for waste water treatment in the food industry and other industries by using aerobic & anaerobic methods or combined one and other upflow anaerobic sludge blanket systems, provide consultancy, manage, prepare feasibility & investment studies &, offer bids, design & manufacture equipment, assess  and supervise scientific, technological and environmental projects, cleaner production, food safety & sanitation, evaluate environmental effects on the food production process.
  • Provide consultancy about biotechnology planning, specialized laboratories ordered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Provincial Departments of Science and Technology of Thanh Hoa, Da Nang, Quang Ninh… provinces.


In the Field of Food Processing

     Five such units of the Food Industries Research Institute as the Food Technology and Nutrition Department, the Starch Sugar Technology Department, the Centre for Oil, Flavour & Food Additives, the Centre for Experimental Production & Food Transfer Technology, & the FIRI’s Branch in Ho Chi Minh City conduct research on food processing, specifically:

  • Study and develop technology & equipment for production, application, trade, & transfer of technology of processing food and functional products, nutrient-rich and vegetarian food & drink products, sugar & starch products from Vietnamese materials suitable for children, old people, people affected by diabetics, and cardiovascular disease & hyperlipiddemia,…
  • Conduct research on making functional sugar from starch as crystal glucose, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, modified starch, maltodextrin … by applying enzyme technology.










Transfer technology for converted starch production

in Nam Duong Company


       Essential oil refinement system in the FIRI


  • Study and develop in production and refinement of vegetable oil, essential oil, flavor, and food additives, production of lemon, orange, coffee flavours and production of oleoresin from ginger, garlic, chilli, pepper and apply them to the food, drink & tobacco- processing industries.
  • Try out experimental food production and transfer of technology and provide other scientific services; trade, import & export agricultural products, food, drink, bio-products; design, manufacture & trade equipment and chemicals…
  • Study and develop technology for extracting natural bioactive materials.


Management and Assessment of the Quality of Raw Materials and Food Products

  • Make applied research and develop new analysis methods
  • Analyse and assess the quality, safety and sanitation of raw materials and food products.
  • Provide consultatncy and guidance to set up food analysis laboratories, GMP, HACCP
  • Provide professional training for experts to analyze and assess food quality.
  • Study and apply new analysis methods to define sugar, organic  acid content, and residues of plant protection products, antibiotic, fungal toxins by gas chromatography.
  • Analyze, assess and control the quality and safety & sanitation of raw materials and food products with more than 100 chemical, physicochemical, and microorganism criteria, 57 of them are criteria defined as VILAS.









               Analyze residues of antibiotic and toxins by LC-MS- MS

  • Set industry standards and participate in set state standards for food quality control.
  • Provide consultancy about safe food production for state administrative agencies.
  • Organize many training courses on quality control for small and medium-size businesses, universities, vocational schools and international organizations as JICA, UNIDO,…



                                                                                                                                                    By Khuat Thi Thuy




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