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International Cooperation

27/11/2018 - 06:59


         Being aware of the importance of international cooperation activities, Food Industries Research Institute has co-operated with many international institutes, universities and organizations for over 50 years.

        The Institute has collaborated with institutes and universities in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, France, the United States, Australia, South Korea, China, Thailand, etc. to build up and implement scientific projects in food processing and biotechnology, to send FIRI staffs abroad for training courses, exchange of scientific information and research on microbial species…


The signing ceremony of memorandums of understanding at the final evaluation conference of the project “Strengthening the Food Industries Research Institute” funded by JICA, 2007


       For the past years, the Institute has implemented successfully two capacity -building projects, one of which is DP/VIE/86/013, funded by UNDP (1986-1990) and the other is funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (2002-2007). Recently, the Institute has carried out international project “Overcoming Policy, Market and Technological Barriers to Support Technological Innovation and South-South Technology Transfer: the Pilot Cases of Ethanol Production from Cassava” funded by UNIDO and GEF phase I and phase II.

The secretary of state-  Angolan Ministry of Industry, the ambassador of Angola to Vietnam and representatives of Angola Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visited FIRI, May 2017


      The Institute has also implemented 11 scientific & technological research activities in cooperation with Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan and France under bilateral protocols. The Institute has signed with Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Angola, Memorandum of Understanding on Training, Scientific Information Exchange, Technology Transfer and Investment Consultancy in Food Processing, signed with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to do research on bioenergy, lactic acid bacteria and signed with Seoul National University to do research and development of natural bioproducts from plants…

      The Institute has collaborated with Chalmers University of Technology in designing new lignocellulose-hydrolyzing enzymes that apply in feedstuff production and bioethanol production from agricultural by-products with the fund from Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, phase I and phase II.



Participants joined in the Topical Workshop on Lignocellulolytic Enzymes: Production and Application, February 2018


         Through international scientific collaboration, research capacity of FIRI staffs and the research quality have been improved, gradually approaching the international standards.

       Food Industries Research Institute hopes to have collaboration in science and technology with other countries in the region and in the world in the field of food processing and biotechnology.Food Industries Research Institute hopes to have collaboration in science and technology with other countries in the region and in the world in the field of food processing and biotechnology.





UNDP:   United Nations Development Programme

UNIDO: The United Nations Industrial Development Organization

GEF:     Global Environment Facility

FIRI:      Food Industries Research Institute



                                                                                                                    By Khuat Thi Thuy





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