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Two UNIDO delegations visited FIRI under the project titled “Overcoming Policy, Market and Technological Barriers to Support Technological Innovation and South-South Technology Transfer: The Pilot Case of Ethanol Production from Cassava”

19/03/2018 - 01:27


        Under the framework of the project titled “Overcoming Policy, Market and Technological Barriers to Support Technological Innovation and South-South Technology Transfer: The Pilot Case of Ethanol Production from Cassava”, two UNIDO delegations visited FIRI. The first delegation led by Mr. Terry Commins, the manager of ASEAN Centre for Cassava Research & Development, KMUTT visited FIRI on 2sd November, 2017 to evaluate the model of South-South technology transfer, project implementation, effects & difficulties. The second delegation led by Mr. Jossy Thomas, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO visited FIRI on 7th November, 2017 to discuss the progress of pilot plant and establishment of a training center at FIRI.


Mr. Terry Commins had consultation with Prof. Dr. Le Duc Manh


        Prof. Dr. Le Duc Manh, director of the Food Industries Research Institute & the project manager in Vietnam welcomed Mr. Terry Commins, Mr. Jossy Thomas, Mr. Supalerk Kanasook and expressed his support for not only the Cassava Bioethanol Project but also international cooperation between FIRI and international organizations. He also encouraged cooperation among the Food Industries Research Institute and King Mongkut’s University of Technology, UNIDO as well as other international organizations in the field of food processing and biotechnology.


Meeting with Mr. Terry Commins


       At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Vu Nguyen Thanh, Director of the Center for Industrial Microbiology, FIRI, the project coordinator in Vietnam presented activities of the project in 2017 at FIRI. The Food Industries Research Institute is in charge of receiving the bioethanol technology from King Mongkut’s University of Technology and transferring technology in Vietnam. Its tasks include establishing a training center & a pilot plant with ethanol production of 50l/d and assisting private sectors in application of technology. During 2017, FIRI has done the following activities: (1) conducting an official consultation on the training center, (2) sending experts to training courses in Thailand, (3) adjusting toolkits and manuals for technologies in Vietnam, (4) organizing meetings for the technical learning center, (5) building a website, and a Facebook group for 67 participants, including experts, researchers, managers from FIRI, ethanol-producing companies, and other companies, (6) monitoring the detail design of the pilot plant. In the year 2018, the FIRI will do the following activities: (i) organizing training courses to disseminate KMUTT’s new Bioethanol Technology package for 100 participants including farmers, ethanol producers, technicians and researchers in Vietnam, (ii) conducting unit test, running & commissioning of a demonstration plant with ethanol production of 50 liters/day, (iii) providing technical assistance and expert advisory service (FIRI to private sectors). FIRI will organize several rounds of training with small groups. The first round will be held on April 2018. The contents of training courses will cover working in the lab, joining in the workshop, & carrying experiments in pilot plant.


Meeting with Mr. Jossy Thomas


      Dr. Terry Commins had an interesting discussion about North-South and South-South technology transfer with Prof. Dr. Vu Nguyen Thanh. He also had consultation on  the achievements  of these training courses in Thailand. Dr. Terry Commins visited pilot plant in FIRI. Mr. Jossy Thomas discussed with project staffs about the progress of pilot plan and establishment of a training center at FIRI. All project tasks to be fulfilled in Vietnam is in good progress.


Mr. Jossy Thomas and Mr. Supalerk Kanasook visited the pilot plant for Bioethanol production in FIRI

                                                                                                              (Photographs by Dinh Duc Hien, Khuat Thi Thuy)




                                                                                                                      By Khuat Thi Thuy


UNIDO: the United Nations Industrial Development Organization

GEF: the Global Environment Facility

FIRI: the Food Industries Research Institute


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