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‘The Conference on Ethanol Production from Cassava

25/11/2018 - 07:29


        After three successful training courses on ethanol production from cassava, Food Industries Research Institute organized a Conference on Ethanol production from Cassava from 4-5 October, 2018 in Hanoi. There were 72 participants from Department of Science and Technology, Domestic Market Department of  Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam Cassava Association, UNIDO Vietnam, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Food Industries Research Institute, Tung Lam Limited Liability Company, Dai Viet Limited Liability Company, Huy Viet Technology joint Stock Company, Orient- Biofuel Limited Liability Company, Binh Tay Liquor JSC, Phu My Ethanol & Starch Joint Stock Company, Hanoi Liquor Joint Stock Company, Aroma Beverage Beer Joint Stock Company, Brenntag Vietnam, Novozymes Vietnam, reporter from VTC -14 and other 7 equipment suppliers joining the conference.


Participants in the conference


         The project “Overcoming Policy, Market and Technological Barriers to Support Technological Innovation and South- South Technology Transfer: the Pilot Case of Ethanol Production from Cassava” is to promote technology transfer from Thailand to Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. The tasks of FIRI in the project are receiving the technology package of very high gravity–simultaneous saccharification and fermentation in bioethanol production from cassava from KMUTT and transfer this technology to bioethanol-producing enterprises in Vietnam. This new technology package will help producing bioethanol with higher productivity of cassava production, lower  time and energy consumption during fermentation process. Therefore, together with economical benefits it will help reducing  gas emission and improving efficiency in energy utilization, thus contributing to environmental protection.


Assoc. Prof. Le Duc Manh, Director of FIRI cum Director of the project in Vietnam gave welcome speech to participants


          Assoc. prof. Le Duc Manh- Director of FIRI cum Director of the project in Vietnam delivered welcome speech at the Conference, highlighting that FIRI have basically fulfilled its tasks in Vietnam, namely, establishing a training center, sending staffs to training courses in Thailand, setting up a 50 lpd pilot scale of ethanol production from cassava, organizing 3 training courses on bioethanol production from cassava… The pilot plant was highly evaluated by experts from KMUTT and UNIDO. At present, FIRI continues to carry out phase II of the project. The Conference on Ethanol Production from Cassava is an opportunity for manufacturers, experts, enzyme and equipment suppliers, & policy- makers to share their experiences and exchange ideas in this field.


Introduce dehydration system of the pilot plant


         At the conference, experts gave presentations on many issues related to bioethanol production from cassava. Assoc. Prof. Tang Thi Hanh from Vietnam National University of Agriculture delivered the speech on sources of cassava materials for bioethanol production in Vietnam. Representatives of Brenntag Vietnam introduced new enzymes applied in bioethanol production from cassava such as Liquozymes SC DS, Avantec cassava of Novozymes that help increasing the capacity and efficiency of ethanol production process from cassava. They also introduced yeast species of Lallemand in bioethanol production. Assoc. Prof. Chu Ky Son from Hanoi University of Science and Technology made presentation on high- gravity ethanol production technology and co-products of ethanol- producing companies. The representative of Tung Lam limited liability Company shared the actual situation of ethanol production in the company and proposed some recommendations on biofuel policies for Vietnam. The representative of Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced biofuel development policies in Vietnam. FIRI displayed a  video, introducing the implementation of project in Vietnam. There were interesting and helpful discussions among participants on the production of bioethanol in Vietnam. The conference provided useful information and brought the bioethanol- producing companies, enzyme and equipment suppliers, experts, policy makers together to discuss about bioethanol production in Vietnam in order to find out the prospects of bioethanol production in Vietnam. Food Industries Research Institute will support these enterprises in applying this new technology in reality. The event was also covered by the media (VTC 14).



                                                                                                   By Khuat Thi Thuy



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